Supplier of Quality Enviromental Products
Supplier of Quality Enviromental Products


Novo Environmental Inc., offers MicroNox an efficient powdered Iron Oxide product that has been developed specifically for H2S reduction in complete mix digesters. Our client(s) method of installations vary as some installations utilize bulk bags with an automatic discharger and a conveyor to add the product. Other installations utilize a standard tote with a mixer and a metering pump to pump in a water powder solution. And lastly, some clients just throw in the 44lb paper bags into the manure pit. Of course, these methods are dependent on the size of the digester system and amount of manure being processed. We have been selling MircoNox for many years now and clients who have used the product have not used anything else!

MICRONOX ON16 is a mixture of iron oxides-hydroxides and other functional oxides specially developed to be added directly into the fermentation reactor This product has been the object of extensive preliminary studies, with successful application in biogas plants. It reacts with hydrogen sulfide to generate iron sulfide and sulfur. Both elements are common components of fertilizers leading to improved properties.

To help you size the correct amount of dosage for your application we have a questionnaire for you to fill out. This questionnaire will allow us to estimate the amount of product needed to be added on a daily basis for you to determine the feasibility.

For more information please contact NOVO and we will have a specialized technician follow up with your inquiry.

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