How the Pump Works:

​The XP Series pump are air powered and require no sensors, timers, solar or control panels. The pump is activated by an internal float that is triggered by the recharge in gas wells & condensate sumps.

​Fill Cycle:

  • The fluid pushes the BCV shuttle open which allows the pump to fill.
  • ​When the fluid rises, air is forced out of the pump via the air exhaust valve. As the fluid rises, so does the float, causing the broker mechanism to trip and close the exhaust valve.
  • ​After the pump has completely filled, and the float has tripped the rocker mechanism, the air inlet valve opens allowing air to enter the pump and pressure the chamber of the pump.​

​Discharge Cycle: .

  • When the air inlet valve is open and the pump chamber is pressurized the BCV shuttle closes and forces the fluid up the discharge tube through the discharge port.
  • As the fluid is displaced the level will fall along with the float, causing the rocker mechanism to trip, closing the air inlet valve opening the exhaust valve.
  • The cycle repeats until the well or sump is pumped down to level.