Wellhead pipe size flexible hose 

Temperature Range:
-13°F to 140°F

Designed for Extended Life in the brutal conditions of methane gas recovery at landfills, connections between ridged pipes of the same size, and repair of broken rigid lines. Inside diameter specialy sized to slide over rigid PVC pipe. (aka Pipe Sized)

Our Popular 101 PS hose now has Increased UV inhibitors for superior UV resistance and a solid colored tube to prevent UV penetration.

Flexible PVC, rigid PVC helix, smooth bore, corrugated O.D. 

Powerlock Clamp Pipe Size:

The clamp is a steel, double bolt clamp designed specifically for use with our corrugated hose such as our Series 101PS. The clamps are available in 2", 3" and 4" sizes.

Tightening Powerlock Clamps:

​Size (in):               2"     2.5"     3"      4"

Torque (lbs-ft): 7.2     7.2      9.4   14.5


Available in: 2", 3" & 4".


Available in: 2", 3" & 4".


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