Portable Gas Analyzer


The Envision™ Gas Meter, from Elkins Earthworks, is an affordable, rugged gas meter built for taking accurate gas measurements in the harsh conditions of the landfill gas environment. The Envision™ utilizes Infrared technology to measure Methane, Carbon Dioxide and measures Oxygen by an internal electrochemical cell. The Envision™ also houses five pressure sensors so that the user can accurately measure standard and extremely low pressures anywhere on the system. 

Power in Flexibility
The Envision™ gas meter is driven by any one of several Trimble® handheld computers via Bluetooth® connection. This allows the user to connect the Envision™ to a sampling point and continue to read the gas measurements wirelessly up to 60 feet* and in some cases further away. Utilizing software built around the field technician’s normal workflow; data collected by the Envision™ can be locked, reviewed and unlocked if necessary to ensure accurate data is stored on the first visit. Once stored, all data is immediately available in the convenient .csv file format.


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